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More Strategic

These are sold out all the Goddamn time so I bought a Larue Tactical covert rifle bag and it came with a “armadillo beverage entry tool” that is useful, a bottle of dry rub spices that are great on pork chops, and a billion “extremely right wing” stickers that I threw in the trash.

Your move, Travis

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Tiny Moving Parts Release “Entrances & Exits” Music Video


Tiny Moving Parts have released a music video for their song “Entrances & Exits.” The band sent three bobble head replicas of themselves (seen above) into space using a weather balloon and the flight was captured by a GoPro camera. The band paired the footage of their miniature bobble head selves flying through space with their track “Entrances & Exits” and you can check out the video and read what singer/guitarist Dylan Matthiesen had to say about it below.

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